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iBlogius - Contoh recount text yang merupakan tugas paling baru dan bisa juga menjadi pekerjaan rumah yang memang harus dikerjakan secara cepat dan juga benar tidak asal-asalan. Misal asal-asalan, percuma anda mengerjakannya karena akan mendapat nilai minimal. Di sini ada contoh recount text yang bisa memberikan anda segudang inspirasi untuk mengerjakan dan mendapat nilai maksimal.

Contoh recount text yang sangat berpengaruh dalam kehidupan

Kalau anda ragu untuk contoh recount text ini anda salah besar, ini adalah contoh teks recount yang ditulis langsung dari sumber terpercaya dan pastinya bisa lebih benar dripada lainnya. Tapi untuk contoh recount text ini belum ada judulnya, anda yang ingin mengerjakannya tentu saja harus membacanya terlebih darhulu dan menentukan judul apa yang pantas untuk teks ini.

Teks ini memang diambil dari soal-soal dan buku yang ada dalam pelajaran siswa yang mempelajari jenis teks recount. Maka dari itu langsung saja tancap gas untuk menulis contoh recount text ini dengan baik dan benar. Hati-hati juga siapa tahu ad teman sekelas anda yang mempunya contoh yang sama, berabe nantinya.

Contoh recount text terbaru untuk tugas pendidikan pelajaran bahasa inggris dalam materi paling lengkap jenis macam teks
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Contoh recount text paling terbaru untuk siswa

Example 01
On Friday, we went to the Blue Mountain. We stayed at David and Della’s house. It has a big garden with lots of colorful flowers and tennis court.

On Saturday, we saw the Three Sisters and we went on the scenic railway. It was scary. Then, Mom and I went shopping with Della. We went to some antique shops and I tried on some old hats. On Sunday, we went on the scenic Skyway and it rocked. We saw cockatoos having shower.

In the afternoon, we went home.

Example 02
One day I was setting in the local library, I started to read a medical encyclopedia that was lying on the table in front of me. The first illness I read about was cholera. As I read the list of symptoms, it occurred to me that perhaps I had cholera myself. I sat for a while, too frightened to move.

Then, in a kind of dream, I started to turn the pages of the book again. I came to malaria. Yes, there was no doubt about it – I had malaria too. And I certainly had hepatitis. And yellow fever. And so it went on. I read through the whole book, and by the end I came to the conclusion that I had every illness. There was only one illness I didn’t have – and that was housemaid’s knee.

I sat and thought, and I became more and more worried. I wondered how long I had to live. I examined myself. I felt my pulse. At first, I couldn’t find it at all; then, suddenly it seems start off. I looked at my watch to time it – it was beating 147 times a minute. I tried to feel my heart. I couldn’t feel it. It wasn’t beating. I stuck my tongue out and tried to look at it. I could only see the end of it, but from that I was even more certain than before that I had yellow fever.

I went straight to my doctor, who was a good friend of mine. “What’s the matter with you?” he asked. “I have every illness in the medical encyclopedia.” I told him how I read the medical encyclopedia. Then he opened my mouth and looked at my tongue, and he felt mu pulse, and he listened to my heart. Then he sat down and wrote a prescription. It said:

- 3 good meals every day
- A two-mile walk every day morning
- Be in bed at 11 o’clock every night
- Don’t read medical books!

I followed the doctor’s instructions, and I am happy to say that I now feel quite well again.

Example 03

Last week my friend and I were bored after three weeks of holidays, so we rode our bikes to Smith Beach, which is only five kilometres from where I live. When we arrived at the beach, we were surprised to see there was hardly anyone there. After having a quick dip in the ocean, which was really cold, we realized one reason there were not many people there. It was also quite windy.

After we bought some hot chips at the takeaway store nearby, we rode our bikes down the beach for a while, on the hard, damp part of the sand. We had the wind behind us and, before we knew it, we were many miles down the beach. Before we made the long trip back, we decided to paddle our feet in the water for a while, and then sit down for a rest. While we were sitting on the beach, just chatting, it suddenly dawned on us that all the way back, we would be riding into the strong wind.

When we finally made it back home, we were both totally exhausted! But we learned some good lessons that day.
Karena contoh recount text ini adalah sebuah hal yang bisa membantu anda ke dalam keberhasilan, jangan lupa untuk membaca contoh explanation text yang sudah pernah saya umumkan langsung dalam iBlogius serta beberapa kata kata mutiara yang bisa memotivasi anda daripada memikirkan terlalu dalam dan mencari contoh recount text ini.
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